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Hello and welcome to our brands! What started out as one resume writing and career services company in 2005, grew and separated into multiple brands several years later. My husband Craig and I started BluePrint Resumes & Consulting with just a handful of services: Resume and Cover Letter Writing, ATS Resumes, Reference Sheets and Resume Posting. Along with that, came the career consulting and some recruiter pairing.

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Craig has always managed the IT tasks; primarily the websites and the network, and with my IT background in network, I jump in wherever I can, but my main forte is writing and consulting. Besides IT and the career services industry, I’ve been in the restaurant, hospitality, banking, literary and publishing industries. Marketing is my favorite task for all industries.

We have thousands of clients who remember when BluePrint Resumes & Consulting was one company that catered to all job seekers such as new graduates, non-management professionals, executives, military and federal transitioners. Through the years, our website became overloaded as the services kept growing and each client category needed special attention for its own group of services. Now, my Certified Professional Resume Writers and I needed to focus more on specific clients at specific times versus trying to cater to everyone at once. For example:

  • New graduates need to know the real deal for landing their first job for what they earned their degree in. Not, just getting any old hourly job to get out of mom and dad’s house.

  • Non-management professionals mostly need assistance with moving up and how to best strategize their job search.

  • Executives need more assistance for networking with recruiters, how to navigate LinkedIn, or to negotiate the best salary.

  • The stay-at-home mom who’s trying to re-enter the workforce needs to know about the electronic way of job searching and what kinds of software employers seek job candidates for today.

  • The over 50 job seeker needs assistance with how to stay in the workforce.

  • Military transitioners need to know how to work the traditional job search, or federal job seekers need assistance applying for jobs from USA

And so on.

For the do-it-yourself writers and those who love to soak up knowledge like a sponge, I introduce our self-help career and business books. From why your resume isn’t working for you and how you can fix it, to how to grow and sustain a small business the right way, you’ll find something to help you along your journey.

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